Bathroom is a very important part of the space you need every day. It should be what you need at the moment - retreat, spa, basic bathroom, make-up room, a place for relaxation or a splish-splosh space for the kids.

First, there is something you should be very careful of - the plumbing and the electricity. If you are remodeling, it is vise to have at least an idea of the positioning and types of the bathroom ceramics so the pipes and tubes and lines and fittings can be placed perfectly.

You should consider the very much needed features according to the space you have available. Maybe you don't really need a bath tub, or you just can't live without it? Do you have a space near-by to store the towels, gadgets, apparels, toys or should it all be neatly organized inside your bathroom? How do you feel about having the under-sink cabinetry - necessity or just what is being done so generally (everyone wants a vanity..)? Will there be any other cabinet in the bathroom? Separate toilet room or incorporated? A bidet? Double sink or one bigger one?

In the end, you should very carefully choose the necessities. Toilet paper holder, towel rail or hooks, mirrors, lights....